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If you want to post any relevant information, send us (indiancorruption@gmail.com) your articles, experiences, op-eds, documents, audios, videos, etc.. For more information about how to contribute, click here. By crude estimate at least 95% of politicians, judges, police, bureaucrats, industrialists, etc. are corrupt. These corrupts are looting our country for last sixty years. They are nothing but native invaders, thieves and criminals and the single largest threat to the national security. They are not Sahibs, they deserve boot of the masses. According to the standard of any civilized country they deserve at least rigorous life imprisonment. Read the sections below to know how mean they are. India is going through a state of complete anarchy. For every posted news here, there are 1000 similar incidents unreported in the media.

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A Symbolic Victory: "The activists on the panel — Anna Hazare, Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan, Arvind Kejriwal and Santosh Hegde —would of course know that they are dealing with past masters of obfuscation —Pranab Mukherjee (chairman), P. Chidambaram, Veerappa Moily, Salman Khurshid and Kapil Sibal — and that the government's decision of an order, which can be withdrawn, as against a gazetted notification, may well only be a tactical ploy to buy time."
FE Editorial : The corruption game
Corruption: A new ray of hope is emerging
Corruption is ‘hazaredous’
Industry hails fight against corruption
Citizens' crusade against corruption
Long battle ahead against corruption: Justice Sachar
War on corruption: political parties can no longer ignore mood of nation
Lokayukta demands more teeth to probe graft cases
'Who Represents Civil Society?': "why is it that despite being a member of the Rajya Sabha he chooses to represent a crony-capitalist and not the people of the country?", "what was the fee? Reportedly rupees one crore.", "The iron ore mines of Sesa Goa are worth Rs 1.75 lakh crores. Hindustan Zinc, acquired for Rs 400 crores, has a profit of 5000 crores per annum", "I accuse people like you for being responsible for this crony capitalism as being ever eager to betray the people and change sides for a crore or two — or whatever obscene amount you charge."
Be prepared for a bigger battle, Hazare tells supporters
Six issues that shamed India the most
Pranab says corruption is hurting inclusive growth
People of Punjab step out against corruption
Anti-Corruption Ayatollahs: "The youth have succeeded in directing the spotlight on the issue of corruption and made the government move. It is important not to allow that power to be misappropriated and misused'
Assam rallies in support of Hazare KMSS stages sit-in at Dispur: "Veteran social activist Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption, that has spread like wildfire across the country, has found extensive support in Assam."
Bigger than the biggest: "This week the people of India launched their biggest ever agitation against corruption. But the agitation against the biggest form of corruption is still light years away"
Corruption denting India's image: Narayana Murthy
CAG asks people to cleanse govt
Corruption hits the poor harder, says Pranab
Anna Hazare: India's pioneering social activist
CAG asks politicians to show the way in tackling corruption
Big B, Ramdev extend support to Hazare's crusade
India: Anna Hazare calls for anti-corruption protests
CNN - Support grows for India's anti-corruption fast
Indian activist Anna Hazare refuses to end hunger strike
Support builds up in Bangalore for Hazare's fast against corruption
Hazare's crusade against corruption gets nationwide support
Hunger strike focuses anger on Indian corruption
Anti-corruption drive gathers storm in Bangalore
BBC - India activist Anna Hazare anti-graft fast stokes anger
NRIs in Canada throw weight behind Anna Hazare
Anna's stir becomes India's chorus, but is the PM listening?
Corruption in India
Bask in the Glory With an Eye on the Future: "India’s world cup win has brought cheers to a nation ailing from scores of scams tumbling out of closet every minute."
Hazare on fast-unto-death against corruption
It's a fight to the finish for citizens' rights: Anna Hazare
Need for independent authority to deal with corruption: BJP
Corruption, extravagance must stop and stop now
Guardian - Behind 'Rising India' lies the surrender of national dignity: "From India's prime minister down, the rotten state of the world's largest democracy has been exposed for all to see""The loss in particular of a staggering $39bn in the government's sale of the telecom spectrum has alerted many Indians to the corrupt nexuses between corporate and political power.", "Recently in the Financial Times' Indian business dynasties have been described as "robber barons"."
The deception at the heart of ‘Rising India'
Anna Hazare's fast against corruption strikes huge chord
India: hungering for change
India among the most corrupt nations surveyed by PERC: "India finds itself bracketed with countries like Philippines and Cambodia, rated as the fourth most corrupt nation among 16 countries of the Asia Pacific region surveyed by leading Hong Kong-based business consultancy firm PERC."
India fourth-most corrupt nation in Asia-Pacific: Survey
Corruption in India
Black Money Trail
Time to donate India’s “corrupt” funds to charity?: "India had lost $462 billion in illegal transfers over the past six decades, with $16 billion illicitly moved overseas each year between 2002 and 2006."
SC-appointed CEC quizzes Karnataka Govt on illegal mining
Counterfeit money flooding India from Pak: US report
Black money trail: ED issues 'Look out Circular' against Hasan Ali
Anti-graft activist will go on indefinite fast in Bangalore
It’s not just corruption
The China Post - Charges filed in US$39 billion India telecom corruption case
BBC - Asia counts the cost of corruption
Total lack of sincerity to kill the canker of corruption: "It is a matter of shame that the government and the CVC ignored internationally available contractual models to ensure integrity in government procurement or in grant of licences."
Say no to corruption: "Can electorates be managed? Can they be seduced by poll gifts and populist promises? Or is corruption an issue? A section of the political elite in India has taken the position that corruption is not a core issue in this country of malnourished millions. The insinuation is that the voting public’s concern is not corruption at high levels but mundane issues like the price of cooking gas and rice."
Washington Post - India’s costly culture of corruption: "The government’s nominee to head an ethics watchdog commission was so ethically challenged that the Supreme Court had to step in to block his nomination, even as a former chief justice is now the subject of criminal investigation.", "The judiciary comes in for particular criticism. Not only are lower-level trial judges notoriously underpaid, incompetent and corrupt — the three are all of a piece — but there aren’t nearly enough of them to handle the volume of commercial disputes. By one estimate, it would take Indian courts 300 years to work off the current backlog at the rate cases are being decided.
First-time voters for scam-free TN
Kapil Dev writes to PM for strict anti-corruption law
BBC - India's corruption scandals
India set to win the Corruption World Cup
A Cure for the Corruption in India, By Stephen Knapp
India among the most corrupt nations surveyed by PERC
India’s Corruption Curse
Corruption makes India a Soft State
Corruption in India - The season that never ends:  "Mr Singh’s government has been rocked by a series of corruption scandals and is struggling to come up with any effective response."
Fighting the cancer of corruption: "Indians have got used to Corruption. Whether it is a scandal tainted big politician or public servant, or it’s that payment we make to a small time Babu to push a file; corruption has become a way of life in India." India in grip of scams, inflation
Egypt in India
Survey Spotlights Endemic Corruption in India
Corruption 'threatens India's economic growth'
KPMG unveils survey on bribery and corruption
Rs. 1 lakh cr black money in tax net: FM
Sunita Narain: Indian scientists: missing in action: "I suspect Indian scientists have retired hurt to the pavilion. They were exposed to some nasty public scrutiny on a deal made by a premier science research establishment, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), with Devas, a private company, on the allocation of spectrum."
India’s fraying institutions: "There is much focus on individual corruption. Equally cancerous is the erosion in the credibility of institutions to deliver upon contracts"
Indian talent pool in US waiting to be tapped: "The study finds the biggest factors deterring master's, PhD students, and post docs from returning to India are red tape, corruption, and absence of research opportunities"
Lokpal bill: Anna Hazare firm on fast if PM delays action
black money - Alibaba And His Crores;  "What took so long for Hassan Ali and his accounts to be probed? A political hand?"
Dangerous to know: India's Right to Information Act: "It was hailed as a major breakthrough for India's bureaucratic and graft-ridden public service culture"
All is not white in your milk: "Reports of milk adulteration across the city keep popping up in regular intervals."
‘Illicit funds get scant attention’
'Nehru Place' among notorious mkts:US
Assam tops NREGA complaints in NE
Black money: What the hell is going on in this country, fumes SC: "Khan, who is alleged to have stashed around USD 8 billion in foreign banks, had been earlier served tax notice for about Rs 50,000 crore.", "There are instances when minor offenders are shot down for violating Section 144 CrPC, but you don't take any action against these people. We are very sorry. All these people are now free," the Bench remarked expressing its dismay."
Crooked one day, commentator the next: cricket's corruption shame: "In countries like India and Pakistan corruption is rife.Everyday you pick up a newspaper in India there are numerous articles chronicling the ill-gotten gains of many people in authority from local mayors and councilors to members of the national parliament"
Democracy: Threat from unseen forces?: "For the first time in our history the viability of India's democracy is being doubted."
A rotten state: "The licence Raj lives on"
India's mood darkens as corruption undermines nation's self-confidence: "leaked telephone conversations suggested the existence of an unsavory nexus among politicians, business and the media"
Corruption prevalent in road projects: Panel
India’s toll checkpoints are hotbeds of corruption
Get rid of corruption else we will
Counter corruption
Corruption tarnishes shiny India
Black money trail: Hasan Ali detained, taken to ED for interrogation
March with a cause from NE to West : For Sharmila and against corruption: "Irom Chanu Sharmila who has been fasting for more than 10 years demanding repeal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 and to protest the rising corruption in India among others"
Bangalore police defend baton charge on World Cup fans: "Bangalore's police commissioner on Friday defended the baton attacks on cricket fans angry that they could not buy World Cup tickets, explaining his action was part of life in India.", "Bidari said a robust police action in such situations was normal in his country. "The Indian situations and the Indian dimensions are very different. It's difficult for the people who have lived in Europe and in America to understand,", Incredible India - Do Indians endorse to be treated worse than stray dogs? If not, then why they have not booted out yet the draconian colonial Indian police laws which allow their mere servents to turn into their masters? What nonsense independence every year we celebrate when most of the prevailing laws are still colonial? Do Indians had only problem when they were under the boots of Britishers? Who cares when they are under the boots of their own native invaders? Indian followed Gandhigiri when they fought against astronomical powerful British empire. Why are we still follow Gandhigiri when we can make laws to crush the head of native invaders under our boots? Ironically Indian governments does not adhere to the Gandhigiri, rather they follow the footsteps of colonial brutal police state.
India’s cosmetic exercise
Corruption Inc.
Bihar CM Nitish Kumar ready to introduce Right to Service Bill: "Police verification report for passports in seven days, postmortem report in three days and caste certificate in a fortnight! And if there is a fault in your electricity connection, it will be repaired within four hours. All this sounds unbelievable for an Indian state notorious for corruption and red tape over the years. But then, the Nitish Kumar government in Bihar is ready to introduce the Right to Service Bill"
FDA probes Lilavati Hospital for fraud
Corruption in India - a major setback
Black money in Swiss banks: "Neither Manmohan Singh nor the Government he heads is interested in bringing back to India the money that has been looted from this country."
RTI is best tool to check malpractices
Black money: Germany to share details of secret accounts
Akhil sniffs out hidden assets - RTI activist to move poll panel with list of undeclared property of ministers: "will move the Election Commission with details of property owned by ministers and their families"
Top Lokayukta official attacked
Lilavati Hospital caught in black money trail: "Between 2002-2010, nearly Rs 500 crore was spent to buy medicines and pharmaceuticals the hospital and of that, nearly half the money, Rs 250 crore was diverted via hawala in banks accounts in several tax havens."
Why are we giving £1bn aid to India? A nation with three times as many billionaires as we have (and its own space programme) Growing graft in India
BRP Bhaskar: Tracking corruption at top
India may have an Egypt-like revolution soon: Baba Ramdev
Is India a Banana Republic?
India Journal: Can Egypt Happen in India?
ISRO-Spectrum Scam - How The Agreement Contradicts The PMO: "The PMO claimed "no decision was taken by the Government to allocate space segment using S-Band Spectrum to Antrix or Devas". The documents published by the Hindu tell their own story. Clearly, the PM has a lot to explain."
Chasing black money!
ISRO’s new `satellite’ called `scam band’: "The estimated loss, according to The Hindu which exposed the deal, is a whopping Rs 2 lakh crore"
ISRO takes blame, says deal with Devas being revoked
Loot India, salt it abroad: "Billions of dollars of black money are stashed in secret foreign bank accounts. The seeds of our black economy were sown during the licence-permit-quota raj: An evil nexus emerged between businessmen, politicians and babus, making corruption a way of life. Everybody profited and parked the ill-gotten wealth abroad. The practice still continues"
Stashing away the loot
Another dubious deal
NY Times - high Price for India’s Information Law: "Perhaps a dozen have been killed since 2005, when the law was enacted, and countless others have been beaten and harassed.", "India may be the world’s largest democracy, but it remains dogged by the twin legacies of feudalism and colonialism, which have often meant that citizens are treated like subjects. Officials who are meant to serve them often act more like feudal lords than representatives of the people.", "He discovered there were 55 illegal quarries in and around the preserve. One name stood out among the records of land leases, electricity bills and inspection reports: Dinubhai Solanki, a powerful member of Parliament from the Bharatiya Janata Party, which governs Gujarat."
Kalam asks youth to start fighting corruption from home
Rs 206 crore in spectrum payoff parked in TV channel?: "The money, ED sources said, was routed through a tax haven and parked in a fisheries firm in Maharashtra and a Mumbai-based event management company before being diverted to a TV channel in south India. ED suspects the money to be a part of bribes that were paid for 2G spectrum licences."
Laundering black money: "Indian black money in Swiss banks, according to Swiss Banking Association report, 2006, was the highest — as much as $1456 billion."
Kerala whistleblower officer's death a mystery: "While he was company secretary with the company, Saseendran had written to the Kerala Chief Minister about rampant corruption in the company only to withdrew the allegations and quit the job in a month."
Delhi airport fails hijack test
‘They conspired, abused positions, got Adarsh flats’
BJP smells 'corruption' in Posco clearance, demands CBI probe
Finally, FIR against 13 in Adarsh case: "The CBI filed a criminal case against a section of serving and retired bureaucrats of the Maharashtra government, army personnel and defence estate officials for their alleged involvement in the multicrore Adarsh housing society scam"
Radia, Kalmadi scamsters on screen!
Final report of graft and corruption charges of SPF Govt to be submitted to President of India
Economics of bribery
Poll: media, judiciary prone to corruption: "Are we hanging our head in  shame as a republic?", "Most corrupt party -  Congress"
Why today isn’t Democracy Day
Senior Maharashtra govt official burnt to death by oil mafia
Cash reward for info on benami land in Bangalore: Yeddyurappa: ""According to me, benami lands in Bangalore are valued at Rs one lakh crore", Yeddyurappa said, adding, the government will confiscate such properties."
Corruption in India: New push to chase money in Swiss banks: "After Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's refusal to divulge details of billions of dollars allegedly stashed away abroad by Indians, anti-corruption crusaders are banking their hopes on promised WikiLeaks revelations.", "The government also has to deal with embarrassing calls for two senior constitutional functionaries, the chairman of the National Human Rights commission, K.G. Balakrishnan, and the Central Vigilance Commissioner, P.J. Thomas, to resign for alleged corruption before they took up their current assignments. "
Ratify UN Convention against Corruption: BJP to Centre
India and Pakistan on the brink?
SC pulls up govt on black money issue
Blighted by black money: 'India has lost $462 billion'
Time for graft surgery
Blackmoney in foreign banks 'plunder' of nation: SC
Black money info can't be made public: PM
BBC: Indian leaders warn of 'governance deficit'
India has fifth largest illegal outflows in Asia: study
The losing battle against corruption
Flashmob dance, run - Delhi's fun ways to fight corruption
BBC: India to tear down flats at centre of graft scandal
RTI activist Kejriwal arrested, released: "They were protesting against the alleged inaction of the authorities on a police complaint filed by an NRI who was mishandled by a staff when he went to sub-registrar office to lodge a complaint against the government employee for demanding bribe."
One needs to fight, not succumb to bribery: "“We in the IT sector are lucky, as 98% of markets are outside India. We don’t have to deal much with the government."
Managing India’s public resources: "The media, last year, had a field day with scams—telecom spectrum allotment, Adarsh Housing society, and mining leases in Karnataka. Interestingly, much of this could have been minimized with a good policy framework. For, most of them involved the preferential and non-transparent allotment of valuable public resources, to private interests."
The Princely State Of India: "Analyse Parliament, and a disturbing fact emerges: India is going back to monarchy", "these young men and women were treated with reverence by the Indian media, although their achievement was usually to have shared genes with an earlier leader.", "Which political party was the most hereditary? (Or, what percentage of a party’s MPs had reached the Lok Sabha through a family link—excluding parties with fewer than five MPs?)
  • RLD 100 per cent (5 out of 5)
  • NCP 77.8 per cent (7 out of 9)
  • BJD 42.9 per cent (6 out of 14)
  • INC 37.5 per cent (78 out of 208)
  • BSP 33.3 per cent (7 out of 21)
  • DMK 33.3 per cent (6 out of 18)
  • SP 27.3 per cent (6 out of 22)
  • CPI(M) 25 per cent (4 out of 16)
  • JD(U) 20 per cent (4 out of 20)
  • BJP 19 per cent (22 out of 116)
  • AITC 15.8 per cent (3 out of 19)
  • Shiv Sena 9.1 per cent (1 out of 11)"
India 2025: What kind of superpower?
Raja, Kalmadi and Barkha voted 2010’s most suspicious!
‘Corruption, poverty denying India tag of prestigious nation’: "High levels of corruption and poverty and the ‘appalling’ way in which Indians treat their women ‘disqualify’ India from being a true superpower and a nation with prestige"
Why Indian laws need to treat corruption as sedition: "IPC was written in 1861 by the British. Their aim was to economically plunder India. Anyone who resisted in those efforts was a traitor and his activities were declared as “sedition”. Unfortunately, after independence, we continued with the same system. Under our present legal system, economic plundering of Indian revenues and Indian resources is a petty offence called “corruption”. But anyone who resists that or has “disaffection” towards such practices is guilty of “sedition”.", "Nira Radia tapes show how many journalists, many businessmen and many politicians conspired to threaten economic stability of India; how they threatened the constitution of India by putting the cabinet berths of Indian government on sale?  But the British laws under which we work do not treat this as sedition.", "Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, fully knew that Raja was looting the nation. It was the constitutional duty of Dr Singh to stop that. Rather he turned a blind eye. Subsequently, the Prime Minister even tried to protect Raja’s misdeeds in various ways. He sat on the request of Dr Subramaniam Swamy for more than eleven months seeking permission to prosecute Raja. Then, the CBI directly working under the Prime Minister did not do any investigation in that case for almost a year after registering FIR despite strong displeasure expressed by Supreme Court on several occasions. CBI got into action only when the Court decided to monitor CBI’s investigations. Isn’t this sedition? However, the British laws under which independent India functions, do not treat such serious charges as sedition.", "Dr Singh is guilty of criminal conspiracy under section 120B read with Prevention of Corruption Act.", "They are giving licenses for mining, not because these minerals are needed for India, but for exporting most of these minerals. The state gets a royalty of Rs 27 per ton of iron ore mined, cost of mining is roughly Rs 300 per ton and the mining company sells it in international market at Rs 6000 per ton.", "Royalty rates are fixed by central government. Licenses and permissions are given together by both central and state governments. Aren’t all these honorable Chief Ministers, who are openly plundering the national resources, in collusion with various ministries of Central Government, guilty of sedition?", "They are doing precisely what their British predecessors did. Loot this country and take the wealth out of the country. Since we work under the same British laws, their loot is not a serious crime but anyone who dares to “hate” their activities or resist them and incite “contempt” or “disaffection” against such open loot of the country is a crime."
I am not safe in this country: Binayak Sen's wife: "Only recourse that seems to be available is to walk into some embassy of liberal democracy and ask for political asylum. I am not safe in this country"
FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in India: "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government has been bogged down by a series of corruption scandals linked to members of his party or government"
Truth will set all of us free: "will it be nearly enough to combat the levels and extent of corruption in India will be the question that many will ask about the draft Lokpal bill which the government proposes to table shortly"
Indian corruption backlash builds after 'year of the treasure hunters': "On the front cover of its new year issue India Today ran pictures of four men under the headline "2010 – year of the treasure hunters"."
Lokpal Bill hanging fire for 42 years: "Former chief justice of the Delhi high court and rights activist Rajinder Sachar, however, says the Lokpal Bill is “shamefully toothless and meant just to give a false reassurance to the people that the government is serious in its fight against corruption”."
Walls of stone: "No one can possibly dispute that the last year of the first decade of the 21st century has been India’s year of unending scams, scandals and shame.", "After Indira Gandhi achieved supremacy in the Congress and the country her henchmen started believing that they had earned the right to enrich themselves with impunity. ", "In short, the all-embracing corruption in this country is constantly intensifying, reproducing and perpetuating itself on an ever-increasing scale. At some stage quantity will turn into quality and bring to the world’s largest democracy the worst possible catastrophe."
Zero tolerance, secret billions: "Sonia Gandhi the widow of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was controlling secret account with 2.5 billion Swiss Francs (equal to $2.2 billion) in her minor son’s name’. The $2.2 billion account must have existed from before June 1988 when Rahul Gandhi attained majority. The loot in today’s rupee value equals almost `10,000 crore. Swiss banks invest and multiply the clients’ monies, not keep them buried. Had it been invested in safe long-term securities, the $.2.2 billion bribe would have multiplied to $9.41 billion (`42,345 crore) by 2009. If it had been put in US stocks, it would have swelled to $12.97 billion (`58,365 crore). If, as most likely, it were invested in long-term bonds and stocks as 50:50, it would have grown to $11.19 billion (`50,355 crore). Before the global financial meltdown in 2008, the $2.2 billion bribes in stocks would have peaked at $18.66 billion (`83,900 crore). By any calculation the present size of the $2.2 billion secret funds of the family in Swiss banks seems huge — anywhere between `43,000 plus to some `84,000 crore!"
Teachers association releases edu dept corruption rate list: "`corruption or terrorism: which is a bigger problem India needs to handle in 2011?'' And over 90% respondents voted corruption.", "As per the rate list, lakhs of rupees are charged for appointment on compassionate grounds (Rs 1.5 lakh), general appointments (Rs 1 lakh for class three category to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh for the post of a teacher), issuing recognition to a school for high school or intermediate and selection of a school as an examination centre."

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