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If you want to post any relevant information, your articles, experiences, op-eds, documents, audios, videos, etc., click here to know how to contribute. By crude estimate at least 95% of politicians, judges, police, bureaucrats, industrialists, etc. are corrupt. These corrupts are looting our country for last sixty years. They are nothing but native invaders, thieves and criminals and the single largest threat to the national security. They are not Sahibs, they deserve boot of the masses. According to the standard of any civilized country they deserve at least rigorous life imprisonment. Read the sections below to know how mean they are. India is going through a state of complete anarchy. For every posted news here, there are 1000 similar incidents unreported in the media.

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Aug 2, 2011 The plunder of the past & the loot of the present: "India is facing a crisis of character, what with rampant corruption, reports of tonnes of black money stashed away in foreign banks, and the countless scams and scandals that have come to light in recent times — and their numbers keep rising by the day."
Aug 2, 2011 What's the olds?: "On my departure, the news was all about scams, swindles, Raja, Raju, 2G, Satyam, Adarsh, CWG, Yeddyurappa, Anna, the Lokpal Bill,"
Aug 2, 2011 Scams tarnished brand India: Sibal
Aug 2, 2011 BBC: Property scams target India's middle class: "Cheats and swindlers are taking advantage of India's suburban construction boom"
Aug 2, 2011  Dial 100: riskiest lottery in town - - Mismatch between police jurisdiction and phone exchange hits emergency calls: "In the absence of a technology to re-route the call to a neighbouring police district, the caller will have to memorise or jot down the number, hang up, call Calcutta and hope for the best."
Aug 2, 2011 Anna denied permission to go on fast at Jantar Mantar
Aug 2, 2011 Download Lokayukta report on illegal mining
Aug 2, 2011 NY Times: Leader of India State Resigns Over Corruption Inquiry: "The top political leader of an important southern state agreed to resign Thursday, one day after anticorruption investigators implicated him in a $3.5 billion scandal involving the illegal mining of iron ore."
Aug 2, 2011 Cancer can't stop him from fighting corruption
Aug 2, 2011 Standing against corruption
Aug 2, 2011 Corruption in INDIA: A never ending saga
Aug 2, 2011 Cabinet clears Lokpal Bill; PM exempt; "Jokepal" says Team Anna
Aug 2, 2011 Lokpal Bill clearance a deceit: Team Anna: "The Anna Hazare team today described the Lokpal Bill cleared by the Union Cabinet as a "deceit on the nation".", "those states which plan to set up the institution of Lokayukta will now plan to avoid Chief Ministers from it. "This bill will have a cascading effect,""
Aug 2, 2011 Lady dead after daylight robbery in flat; call wouldn’t go to 100 88-year-old gagged & tied: "An 88-year-old woman died after daylight robbers tied her hands behind her back, held her daughter-in-law at gunpoint and looted their apartment near one of the most recognisable stretches in the city.", "a neighbour’s frantic call to “100” did not get through to what is supposed to be the most reliable number in the country in an emergency."
Aug 2, 2011 Not the people's lokpal bill: team Anna Hazare: "the government is trying to fool the people"
Aug 2, 2011 Cabinet approves draft of Lokpal Bill; PM, judiciary kept out: "none of the large scams of recent times like the Adarsh Housing scam, the Commonwealth Games scam, the Reddy brothers scam, mining scam, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha scam, Cash for vote scam, fodder scam, Taj corridor scam none of these scams are covered by government's Lokpal. So, what is covered under Government's Lokpal?""
Jul 27, 2011 New York Times: Widespread Graft Is Found in India’s Iron Ore Mining: "Illegal iron ore mining involving hundreds of Indian officials and powerful politicians has devastated local communities in the southern state of Karnataka and cost its treasury more than $3.5 billion in revenue"
Jul 27, 2011 A Dictator for India's Bourgeoisie
Jul 27, 2011 Corruption Protest
Jul 27, 2011 India Corruption
Jul 27, 2011 CORRECTED-FEATURE-Land, votes and progress at stake in India's property crunch
Jul 27, 2011 MPP petitions President on rampant corruption, siphoning of public money in state
Jul 27, 2011 Major scam unearthed in SBI main branch: "An official at the Kingsway branch allegedly siphoned off money from accounts of Non-Resident Indians (NRI) to an account operated by him."
Jul 24, 2011 India marks watershed economic reforms anniversary: "bribery remains rife in the 1.2-billion-strong nation, particularly in government offices with officials seeking money for everything from school entrance to marriage certificates, and the economic boom has bypassed hundreds of millions of Indians. Some 42 percent of the population, or 455 million people, still live on less than $1.25 a day, according to the World Bank. Statistics on health, infant deaths and malnutrition are worse than those for some countries in sub-Saharan Africa."
Jul 24, 2011 Lots Of Food For Thought: "As many as 46 per cent of the malnourished children of the world—of whom at least 75,000 die every month—are in India. Another alarming official statistic—36 per cent of Indians live on less than Rs 20 a day."
Jul 24, 2011 Illegal mining a reality: Chief Justice Kapadia: "illegal mining was going on in various states of the country and called upon the central government to put in place a regulator for both appraisal and pricing of extracted minerals."
Jul 24, 2011 In season of scams, Tihar swells with VIP inmates: "Influential prisoners ask for perks like air conditioners for their cells, food from home every day", "At least two prime ministers—one future and one former—have spent a few nights behind its high walls"
Jul 23, 2011 ‘Growing anger over can’t be business as usual’
Jul 23, 2011 The Creative Writer - The will to change?: "In India, corruption is an affliction that goes right down to the grassroots. It can only be defeated by a change that is just as deep-rooted."
Jul 22, 2011 Anna starts Lokpal Bill referendum from Sibal's backyard: "The proponents of the Jan Lokpal Bill and volunteers of 'India Against Corruption' distributed thousands of pamphlets along with a two-page questionnaire to residents of ten wards in the constituency."
Jul 22, 2011 Understanding corruption in India
Jul 22, 2011 Govt drafts fresh Lokpal Bill, excludes PM and CJI from its ambit: "ignoring the Anna Hazare group`s demand for inclusion of the prime minister, chief justice of India and judges of the higher judiciary as well as conduct of MPs in Parliament in the ambit of the anti-corruption watchdog."
Jul 22, 2011 Founder of corruption in India: "This corruption does not exist now it has mutated into looting. The assassination of Gandhi paved the smooth transition from British rule to dynastic rule in India as Jawaharlal Nehru formed India’s first ruling dynasty."
Jul 22, 2011 Exclusive: Team Anna exposes govt's dirty tricks: "A referendum in Mumbai showed that over 95% approved of a Jan Lokpal Bill and media opinion polls show overwhelming anger against the government and support to Team Anna."
Jul 22, 2011 Pranab seeks image makeover for India in the wake of scams
Jul 21, 2011 CBI indicts IIT-Kgp chief in technical institutes scam: "when the institute submitted to AICTE the proposal for extension of approval, an appraisal panel recommended to reduce the intake from 180 to 90 seats as it found 42.5% shortage in faculty members. Even the principal was not a post-graduate, and teachers were not paid AICTE pay scales."
Jul 21, 2011 The corruption debate: Three visits to government office theory: "One reason why people prefer to pay their way to get things done in India is because there is no one to explain the procedures. Moreover, the complicated forms that the sarkar wants you to fill up require IIT entrance-type coaching classes"
Jul 21, 2011 Communist party organises protests against corruption, price rise in Kashmir
Jul 21, 2011 After land, mining scams here comes R 750 cr Tatra truck kickback case: "Top officials of BEML Limited, a Bangalore-based company, and the defence ministry have siphoned off at least Rs 750 crore in bribes and commissions over the past 14 years in the purchase of components for Tatra trucks, backbone of the army's artillery and transportation wings."
Jul 21, 2011 Drop the debate, enact the Lokpal law: "Since 1966, Indian politics has played ping-pong with proposals for a Lokpal"
Jul 21, 2011 Land the biggest source of corruption in urban India?
Jul 21, 2011 Make bribing legal: Narayana Murthy: "Murthy has endorsed economist Kaushik Basu's suggestion that bribe givers be given legal immunity."
Jul 21, 2011 Corruption mars ability to fight terror: "Corruption has deeply eroded the efficiency of the police. Despite intelligence alerts, neither the Maharashtra nor Mumbai police have been able to take adequate preventive measures. Mumbai Police failed to deploy its forces adequately as the attacks unfolded"
Jul 21, 2011 My phone has been tapped: Karnataka Lokayukta
Jul 20, 2011 Anti-graft movement must focus on resource loot: Left
Jul 20, 2011 Double digit growth is easy if we get rid of corruption: Infosys' Narayana Murthy
Jul 20, 2011 Lokpal referendum drive starts today
Jul 20, 2011 India's global image falters on governance deficit and corruption
Jul 20, 2011 No politician should be there in Lokpal panel: Aamir
Jul 19, 2011 FE Editorial: On the wrong track, again: "Just how uphill the government’s task will be when it comes to a public procurement policy—one of the things it promised to do when hit by a plethora of scams"
Jul 19, 2011 A new anti-corruption device: "From 1 July two webcams— one in Chandy’s cabin and the other in his office—have been streaming live pictures, but not audio, that are freely accessible on the official Kerala chief minister website."
Jul 19, 2011 Graft Undermines GDP Growth: Narayan Murthy
Jul 19, 2011 Govt lokpal bill lacks teeth: Kejriwal
Jul 19, 2011 Only peoples power can end graft: Gurumurthy
Jul 19, 2011 A messy basement and a clean penthouse?: "These brazen babus give jobs to the poorest of the poor on paper and pocket their fictional earnings. Clearly, grassroots-level corruption is a growth industry in India."
Jul 19, 2011 Kashmir's David vs Goliath battle against corruption: "“The government of India is not sincere about curbing corruption here"
Jul 19, 2011 Regulatory body can check corruption in media
Jul 19, 2011 10 things you didn't know about Lokpal bill and the movement, Arvind Kejriwal explains
Jul 19, 2011 New York Times: Transparent Government, via Webcams in India: "In an India beset by kickback scandals at the highest reaches of government, and where petty bribes at police stations and motor vehicle departments are often considered a matter of course"
Jul 17, 2011 Corruption cost India Rs 1,555 thousand crore: study: "majority of it has been laundered out of India using illicit gateways"
Jul 17, 2011 Civil society for referendum on Lokpal
Jul 17, 2011 Corrupt India is a national shame: "According to some estimates, India’s parallel economy has risen from a mere 3 per cent of the GDP in the mid 50s to around 50 per cent today."
Jul 17, 2011 Why India can't feed her people: "At the Azadpur Mandi in New Delhi, a woman looks through a garbage pile for spoiled fruits and vegetables to eat."
Jul 17, 2011 No lessons learnt from 26/11: Ram Pradhan: "Former bureaucrat Ram Pradhan said there is a need for an overhaul in the security apparatus."
Jul 17, 2011 Hazare to move Supreme Court against govt crackdown: ""Government said we will suppress the agitation of Anna Hazare as had been done in the case of Ramdev. Is this democracy or autocracy?"
Jul 16, 2011 Mumbai blasts: After terror trauma, victims face compensation troubles: "Five years later, he is still running from pillar to post with bills, awaiting reimbursement."
Jul 16, 2011 The truth is that India doesn't care: "They say that it's deja vu for Bombay but in India it's deja vu time with everything, be it terrorism, scams, natural calamities, railway accidents, communal riots, boats capsizing, farmer suicides, Maoist killings. The cost of life is cheap in this country, and, heartless and indifferent as it might sound, we watch what's happened to others on TV, then get on with our lives. We are used to people dying."
Jul 16, 2011 Wall Street Journal: The Holes in India's Antiterror Armor : "Local police forces suffer from corruption, inadequate training and an unprofessional work ethic. This is aggravated by the fact that India's intelligence model is 60 years old: The data gathering processes at the district and state level are archaic"
Jul 16, 2011 Mumbai blasts: As terror targets India again, when will enough be ENOUGH
Jul 16, 2011 If the Murdoch Empire Needs a Home, India Awaits: Pankaj Mishra: "More disturbingly, the editorial departments in many of India’s major newspapers and television channels are now open to the highest bidder: political parties, corporations, celebrities, indeed anyone who can afford to can secure favorable coverage for themselves with a simple cash transaction. What Indians call “paid news” is not confined to a few small-town rags."
Jul 16, 2011 My life under threat: Whistleblower doctor in doping scandal
Jul 16, 2011 Politics: Short-cut to riches
Jul 16, 2011 India's ugly truth- Corruption followed by doping scandal
Jul 16, 2011 Govt's intentions over Lokpal Bill not good: Anna Hazare
Jul 16, 2011 Pranab Bardhan | Inequality of opportunity is the worst in India
Jul 16, 2011 MP Swamy Offers Prescription to Combat Corruption
Jul 16, 2011 Nripendra Misra & Tannu Singh: A case for effective state Lokayuktas
Jul 16, 2011 State left parties join hands against corruption
Jul 16, 2011 Taking On Corruption in India and China
Jul 16, 2011 Rs 600 cr tax evasion in Jammu and Kashmir: "Maulvi Iftikar Ansari, Senior PDP leader who runs Ansari Motors owes Rs 18 Crores.", "most of it involving VIPs."
Jul 16, 2011 Mumbai not equipped to tackle terror, says Prithviraj Chavan
Jul 16, 2011 Life is so f******g cheap
Jul 16, 2011 In Ranchi, alert means nothing: "No policemen in sight at entry and exit points of Ranchi station on Thursday, 24 hours after DGP GS Rath issued a statewide alert in the wake of Mumbai blasts."
Jul 16, 2011 Indore hospital uses children as guinea pigs: "Gets money from Korean firm, MNCs to conduct clinical drug trials on close to 2,000 children."
Jul 16, 2011 Mumbai: No choice but to carry on?: "While Mumbaikars come back to normal, they refuse to call it resilience."
Jul 15, 2011 All Indian cities are vulnerable: Chidambaram
Jul 15, 2011 Mumbai: No choice but to carry on?
Jul 15, 2011 'Twice lucky' blasts survivor wonders who is really safe in Mumbai
Jul 15, 2011 Mumbaikars move on, yet again: "A day after three blasts shook Maximum City Mumbai, the city is back on track with people, though angry at the government's inability to stop the terror strikes, returning to their work and business. Though Mumbaikars are back at work as they feel that there is no other option, fear still lurks."
Jul 13, 2011 A Rudderless India: "Manmohan Singh continues to offer no direction on reforms."
Jul 13, 2011 Who will watch the watchmen?: "The audited balance sheets of the six largest political parties in India are hard to get and harder to decipher: they hide more than they reveal but are nonetheless worth close examination. Between them, the Congress, BJP, BSP, SP, NCP and CPM reported total income of Rs 1,046.76 crore for the year ending March 31, 2009. That was the year in which most of the funds for the 2009 Lok Sabha election were collected and deployed."
Jul 13, 2011 Return of Dawood-Rajan gang war in Mumbai?: "He was released after completing a 13-year sentence that was served to him in connection with one of the cases. He hit the headlines in 2009, when three police officers were suspended after attending a Christmas party that he had thrown in Chembur."
Jul 13, 2011 Whisteblower doctor beaten up at NIS Patiala: "Nandi had earlier blown the lid on wrongdoings in NIS Patiala and claimed that doping was rampant in the institution premises for which he was removed from his post."
Jul 13, 2011 Crowd watches as goons murder man on street in Coimbatore: "A man was beaten to death in Coimbatore by four men and the entire episode was caught on CCTV that showed how people were mute spectators to the day killing."
Jul 12, 2011 Corruption is a curse on our nation: Neetu Chandra: "I would be lying if I say that I have never bribed a person to get my work done. Every Indian, at some point or the other, has been faced with a dilemma where s/he is expected to shell out money to ensure that the work gets done faster."
Jul 12, 2011 India fights corruption the 'Gandhian Way'
Jul 12, 2011 Antony warns against graft in military deals
Jul 12, 2011 Case by case: "Never before have law officers in this country been drawn into so much controversy, or the government looked so adrift in the court."
Jul 12, 2011 Well-dressed & begging: 43 women from Rajasthan detained: "The women, who have made a city lodge their temporary home, told people they were begging because they were in trouble and were going hungry in their home state."
Jul 12, 2011 Politics makes Delhi-Howrah route corridor of death

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