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If you want to post any relevant information, your articles, experiences, op-eds, documents, audios, videos, etc., click here to know how to contribute. By crude estimate at least 95% of politicians, judges, police, bureaucrats, industrialists, etc. are corrupt. These corrupts are looting our country for last sixty years. They are nothing but native invaders, thieves and criminals and the single largest threat to the national security. They are not Sahibs, they deserve boot of the masses. According to the standard of any civilized country they deserve at least rigorous life imprisonment. Read the sections below to know how mean they are. India is going through a state of complete anarchy. For every posted news here, there are 1000 similar incidents unreported in the media.

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Sep 16, 2013 WB polio goof-up: 67 kids administered Hepatitis B, hospitalised: "In a major goof-up, sixty-seven children were hospitalised in Arambag near Kolkata, after they were mistakenly given Hepatitis B vaccines instead of Pulse Polio drops on Sunday. 40 of them are still under observation."
Sep 16, 2013 Watch: No end to crime against women in Mumbai: "A boy was brutally beaten up by a group of minor boys after he tried to protest against them for allegedly harassing his sister. The police has arrested two of the accused, and the girl says that the police took no action despite complaining about the repeated harassment."
Sep 16, 2013 Champapet sub-registrar arrested for taking bribe: "Shamiuddin approached Raoof with the bribe amount and based on instructions, handed over Rs 8,000 to the sub-registrar's car driver Khaja at the Champapet sub-registrar office premises"
Sep 16, 2013 Exemption of IAS officials from corruption case kicks up a row: "the cabinet decided to exempt P J Thomas, former Chief Vigilance Commission (since retired) and also Jiji Thomson, Director General, Sports Authority of India (SAI), the fifth and eighth accused respectively in the ongoing corruption case registered by the state Vigilance department in 1997. "
Sep 15, 2013 Chain snatchers caught on camera: "Streets turning into crime zones in broad daylight in Mumbai and surrounding areas. Caught on tape, look how this woman walking early morning in Navi Mumbai becomes a victim the shocking brazenness of these two brutes on a bike who first attempt to snatch her chain, then drag her along with it and finally run away. This woman who is hurt reeling under shock cries for help but it's too late. In Mira Road, this 80 year old woman just enters her building when an unsuspecting man follows her pretending to talk on a phone. Watch carefully, the moment she opens her flat's door this man swoops in snatches her chain and runs away. These acts of brazenness caught on tape but despite the proof these culprits are still at large, waiting for their next pre, shaming the city every day."
Sep 15, 2013 Manmade famine kills mother, child: "UN World Food Programme report stated over 27 per cent of the world’s undernourished live in India, of whom 43 per cent children (under five years) are underweight, far higher than the global average of 25 per cent and sub-Sahara African 28 per cent. Nearly 50 per cent of child deaths in India occur due to malnutrition."
Sep 15, 2013 Will Vadra's land dealings cast a shadow on Cong's hard sell Land Bill?: "Asserting that the Congress Vice President deserved all the credit for the Land Bill, Union Minister Jairam Ramesh said Rahul Gandhi made three crucial suggestions - there should be one law for land acquisition and rehabilitation, livelihood losers should also be compensated and also the change in the name of the bill."
Sep 15, 2013 Delhi man dies of cops' 'beating', police deny claim: "Three policeman beat a 67-year-old man to death for refusing to fork out money they demanded for letting him erect a Ramlila marquee in a park"
Sep 14, 2013 Corruption undermining higher education in India: "It is an open secret in some states that the ministers demand from the persons in the panel to shell out a few crores to be appointed as V-C. Currently, in one state the amount ranges from Rs 5 crore for smaller universities to Rs 50 crore for large universities with hundreds of affiliated colleges."
Sep 14, 2013 Minister's open threat to protesters: "Kailash Yadav, Minister for Khadi and Gram Udyog, Uttar Pradesh, said, "You have expressed your problem in front of me. You have come to me with your application. After that why do you say your work is not done? Why do you demonstrate in an unacceptable way? Why did you say all that? What you think?""
Sep 14, 2013 No designer blouses, jeans for women employees in Karnataka: State govt: "A September 12 circular on the subject of "provocative" clothing at the workplace proscribed jeans, designer blouses and blouses that allow cleavage peeks or are held by spaghetti straps, strings or knots. Men were barred from trotting into work in jeans and T-shirts."
Sep 14, 2013 IPS officer, former minister named in land fraud case: "a criminal case was registered against senior IPS officer Jaffar Sait for fraudulent allotment of a housing site, the vigilance department has filed a 750-page chargesheet against the officer and six others, including a former DMK minister."
Sep 14, 2013 Bohra women go online to fight circumcision trauma: "“As per the Bohra Shariat (law), female circumcision is mandatory."
Sep 13, 2013 Parties got Rs. 4,900 cr in donations in 8 yrs, 75% of it ‘untraced’ funds: "India is among less than 20 countries that allow anonymous donations to political parties."
Sep 13, 2013 Are Indian hospitals so bad that babus need treatment abroad, at our cost?: "Why should I, the tax payer, be paying for a babu’s procedure when a heart surgery in India, at a decent place, costs just over $1.5 K while a similar procedure in the US may cost over $100 K?"
Sep 12, 2013 PG medical seats auctioned for Rs 4cr: "A group of parents sitting in a city medical college auditorium, facing a management team, appear to be attending an orientation session. A closer look reveals they are bidding for post-graduate medical seats. A parent stands up and announces he is ready to pay Rs 1 crore for an MD (radiology) seat. Another parent ups the bid by Rs 25 lakh. At the end of the two-hour session, the coveted seat goes to the ward of the highest bidder."
Sep 12, 2013 FTP: Has a degree from an Indian university lost all value?: "US-based MIT and Harvard University topped an authoritative list of the world's top 200 university rankings that did not figure any educational institutions from India."
Sep 12, 2013 Have Hindu-Muslim relations worsened in 21st century india?: "AK-47 cartridges have been recovered from Baghpat even as the death toll in Muzaffarnagar's communal flashes rose to 48. 1500 people have been arrested so far in connection with the riots. The curfew in the district was relaxed from 12 noon to 5 pm on Wednesday to monitor the situation."
Sep 12, 2013 Watch: Cong, BSP, SP, Congress leaders delivering hate speeches in Muzaffarnagar: "Muslim leaders from Congress, BSP and shared dias on August 30 and one of them delivered a hate speech in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The BJP leader on the very next day (August 31) was seen addressing a mass gathering and delivered a hate speech."
Sep 12, 2013 Why no action been taken against Muzaffarnagar's hate speech leaders?: "Muslim leaders from Congress, BSP and SP shared dais on August 30 and one of them delivered a hate speech. The BJP leader on the very next day (August 31) was seen addressing a mass gathering and delivered a hate speech"
Sep 11, 2013 SC rejects ailment plea, says Chautala must go to jail: "the Supreme Court on Wednesday asked him whether the same reasons would stop him from accepting top posts if his party came back to power."
Sep 11, 2013 Kashmir group to release music album as 'tribute' to Afzal Guru: "Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society and organisers of the counter-concert titled Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir announced Wednesday an album "tribute" to Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru. Guru was hanged in Tihar Jail earlier this year."
Sep 11, 2013 Sonia Gandhi served US court summons in hospital: " Gandhi for shielding and protecting party leaders allegedly involved in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi."
Sep 11, 2013 Govt to change law to protect retired babus from graft probe: "Investigating agencies may soon be required to seek the Centre’s permission to question even senior retired officials in a corruption case, a move that is likely to pit it against the Supreme Court."
Sep 11, 2013 Message from Muzaffarnagar: "a slow breakdown in Hindu-Muslim relationships, and the growing inability of local officials to tamp down on violent manifestations of such animosities. It is common to hear that the state government somehow 'allows' riots to polarise communities for electoral reasons. This is, largely, bunkum."
Sep 11, 2013 Deoband issues fatwa banning photography as un-Islamic: "If they are allowing photography they will be answerable on the Day of Judgment in the court of God.""
Sep 10, 2013 CBI names Srinivasan as accused in Jagan DA case: "Srinivasan was charged with investing Rs 140 crore in Carmel Asia Holdings Ltd and Bharati Cements Ltd."
Sep 10, 2013 Four cops arrested for arms smuggling: "In a shocking case four policemen have been arrested in Jammu near the border district of Rajouri for their alleged involvement in extortion and smuggling of arms and ammunition from Pakistan. An investigation has been launched to find out if the arrested policemen were helping aid terror activities."
Sep 10, 2013 Dumb Rahul Gandhi's speech at CII made Fun and Sonia Manmohan Secret Phone talk
Sep 10, 2013 Modi says Congress has written new 'ABCD' book on corruption: "The country is on the "verge of destruction", said Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi while blaming the Congress for rampant corruption."
Sep 10, 2013 Narendra Modi says Congress has written new 'ABCD' book on corruption: ""According to the book, A stands for Adarsh scam, B for Bofors scam, C for coal scam and D for damad ka karobar (son-in-law's business),""
Sep 8, 2013 Ramdev alleges, Nehru had accepted Netaji as war criminal: " "Even after studying abroad, Rahul continues to remain below average as far as intelligence is concerned""
Sep 7, 2013 Ratan Tata 'rattled' by India's image over scams, retrospective taxation: "Ratan Tata is ""rattled"" by India's current image emerging from scams and retrospective taxation, and wants the government to give an ""irreversible commitment"" that law of the land has sanctity. ""Never before has India had that kind of image,"""
Sep 7, 2013 As economy limps, netas, babus blow up taxpayers’ money: ""Maintaining the rent-free bungalows of 77 central ministers cost the public exchequer Rs. 100 crore over the last three years at a time when an average middle-class Delhi family was finding it difficult to buy a home as rising prices put a dent in its savings"; "UPA ministers, forced to fly economy in 2008 at the time of the global economic slowdown, are back in the business class. In 2011-12, the government paid Rs. 678 crore on the air fares of 40 globetrotting ministers — 12 times more than the previous year’s sum.""
Sep 7, 2013 राहुल गाँधी के नेतृत्व में खुश रहूँगा: मनमोहन सिंह: "2014 के आम चुनावों के बाद कांग्रेस द्वारा सौंपे गए किसी भी कार्यभार में वे खुश रहेंगे,"
Sep 7, 2013 Rahul an ideal choice for PM, will be happy to work under him: PM: "he will be happy to work under him."
Sep 7, 2013 30 Minutes: Has India become 'No country for women'?: "Women in Delhi and Mumbai share the candid stories of daily sexual harassment"
Sep 7, 2013 Wasn't PM working under Rahul's leadership all these years, asks Modi: "Political reactions poured in soon after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is an ideal choice for the post of prime minister."
Sep 7, 2013 Kolkata: Blamegame over infant deaths: "Over the last 5 days at least 35 children have died in a single hospital in Kolkata. The super specialty BC Roy hospital in Kolkata is the same place where 18 children died in just 2 days in 2011. But two years on it appears no lessons have been learnt"
Sep 7, 2013 How can ethical standards be improved within the judiciary?: "The Rajya Sabha on Thursday passed the Constitutional Amendment Bill, which replaces the collegium system with a judicial commission to appoint judges."
Sep 7, 2013 Are appointment to the Punjab and Haryana HC all about nepotism?: "A day after the Judicial Accountability Bill was passed by the Rajya Sabha, CNN-IBN has assessed documents that reveal nepotism in state of affairs in judiciary, particularly in the Punjab and Haryana High Court."
Sep 7, 2013 Police brutality caught on tape: "Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy seems to be continuing to bear the brunt of the solar scam. In further embarrassment, the police were seen attacking an Opposition protestor who was waving a black flag at the Chief minister. The injured protestercollapsed on the spot and was moved to a hospital."
Sep 7, 2013 Sand mining mafia menace in UP: "The sand mining menace continues to plague Uttar Pradesh. This time a farmer paid the price with his life for taking on the sand mafia, leading to violent protests in Barabanki."
Sep 5, 2013 Olympics: India faces ban?: "CNN-IBN's editor-in-chief, Rajdeep Sardesai speaks with Olympic gold medallist Abhinav Bindra and IOA vice-president Tarlochan Singh over the ongoing tussle between IOC and IOA."
Sep 5, 2013 RTI Amendment Bill is unethical and immoral: Dinesh Trivedi: "Trinamool Congress leader Dinesh Trivedi on Wednesday called the RTI Amendment Bill unethical and immoral. The Bill is aimed at keeping political parties out of the RTI ambit."
Sep 5, 2013 1984 riots: US court summons Sonia for 'shielding' party leaders: "A federal court in New York has issued summons to Congress President Sonia Gandhi for 'shielding and protecting' party leaders allegedly involved in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. The Sikhs For Justice group had filed a lawsuit on Tuesday seeking compensatory and punitive damages from Sonia Gandhi. The Congress, however, said in a statement that they were not aware of any charges."
Sep 5, 2013 Mentally challenged girls abused: "Barely four days after a 30-year-old mentally challenged and speech impaired woman was raped in a Pune hospital by the security guard and warden, another such incident from Jammu has come to light. Five mentally challenged girls were allegedly sexually assaulted by the director and the security guard of the rehab home in Jammu. The police have nabbed the accused but sources said that more arrests are likely and females working in the home have also been suspected to be involved in the case."
Sep 5, 2013 India's Olympic exile to continue?: "It's a massive blow to india hopes of returning back into the Olympics. The IOC has maintained its tough stand saying that the contentious chargsheet clause has to be accepted by the IOA before it can conduct elections. The proposed clause bars chargesheeted officials from holding any IOA post. IOA had refused accept IOC'S chargesheet clause on tainted officials."
Sep 4, 2013 Gas-guzzling government talks austerity, burns crores: "Bizarre ideas like shutting petrol pumps at night are floated even as the fuel bill of ministers and babus tots up to about Rs 3,000 crore a year in Delhi alone."
Sep 4, 2013 UP: Police lathicharge women protestors: "The teachers of Kasturba Gandhi Residential Schools on Wednesday (September 4) were lathicharged by the cops in Lucknow. The teachers were protesting in front of Vidhan Sabha demanding a hike in their salary."
Sep 4, 2013 Indian children used as guinea pigs?: "Were several Indian tribal girls used as guinea pigs? That is what a 72-page Parliamentary Panel scathing report alleges. The report alleges that two American pharma giants' untested vaccine was administered to thousands of tribal girls in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat in the garb of a demonstration project. The report questions Indian medical research body for allowing the trial without proper study and paper work."
Sep 4, 2013 Mining baron Reddy completes two years in jail: "Gali Janardhana Reddy, who rode to riches on booming iron ore exports in the last decade and virtually lorded over the BJP in Karnataka for over five years, completes two years behind bars Sep 5 on charges of illegal mining."
Sep 4, 2013 US court issues summons to Sonia Gandhi in 1984 anti-Sikh riots case: "The summons have been issued to Congress president Sonia Gandhi for "shielding and protecting" the leaders of her party."
Sep 3, 2013 Seeking VVIP status lands Delhi CBI judge in hot water: "A Delhi judge's desire to get 'escort and pilot' vehicles and VVIP security during his nine-day private visit to his ancestral village in Punjab is sure to earn him more than a censure as the Supreme Court on Tuesday requested the Delhi high court chief justice to make him aware about "misuse of power"."
Sep 2, 2013 India’s Real Problem is Corruption, Not Poor Policies: "no matter how inventive or well-intentioned a policy may be, corruption will always get in its way."
Sep 2, 2013 Big Jump in Corruption Complaints: "“The commission received more than 37,000 complaints during 2012 as compared to 17,407 complaints in 2011"
Sep 2, 2013 65% Indians think the parliament and legislature are corrupt, India is the top bribe-paying nation: Study: "A recent international survey on corruption noted low opinions by Indian citizens on the transparency of India's governance"
Sep 2, 2013 Woman gang-raped by four men, set afire in Madhya Pradesh: "her neighbours identified as Hamid, Irshad Khan, Aashiq and Raees Khan took turns to assault her over an alleged property dispute,"
Sep 2, 2013 Woman raped in Pune hospital; ward boy, guard arrested: "In a shocking incident, a mentally challenged woman was allegedly raped by a ward boy and a security guard in the lift of a municipal hospital"
Sep 2, 2013 The Last Word: What are sensible and silly ways of conserving fuel?: "In an attempt to cut fuel consumption, the Petroleum Ministry has proposed petrol pumps to be open from 8 am to 8 pm only. Oil Minister Veerappa Moily had earlier written a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister P Chidambaram suggesting further hike on fuel prices."
Aug 31, 2013 Court orders FIR against Sheila Dikshit: " FIR against chief minister Sheila Dikshit and others for allegedly misusing government funds for an advertisement campaign before the 2008 assembly polls."
Aug 31, 2013 Every citizen in the country has either been a victim or a culprit of corruption: Santosh Hegde: "from 2010 onwards, the amount of one scam scaled to lakh crore. For instance, 2G and Coalgate scam touched a massive figure of Rs 1.76 lakh crore and Rs 1.86 lakh crore respectively,”"
Aug 31, 2013 Why assets case is important for Jaya: "questions surrounding this unprecedented situation where a convicted person was sworn-in — when she was disqualified from contesting due to the same conviction in the first place — reached the Supreme Court. She had to step down in September after the apex court held her appointment unconstitutional."
Aug 31, 2013 There is no check on corrupt people in the system: Santosh Hegde: "From 80 lakhs in 1948 and 640 lakhs in 1986 to 1.76 lakh crores in 2011, even the Indian economy has failed to match the pace at which scams have grown since the independence."
Aug 31, 2013 Comment: Corruption and cronyism put the breaks on India's growth: "Almost every day there is a story about corruption in the Indian media. Sectors such as mining, real estate and telecoms have been particularly affected."
Aug 31, 2013 Noida: Four including two policemen arrested in a gangrape case: "A gangrape has been reported from Noida in Uttar Pradesh in which 2 police personnel are among the 4 accused. All four people have been taken into custody and a case of a gangrape has been registered."
Aug 30, 2013 "Hamara paisa, hamara hisaab"
Aug 30, 2013 Delhi’s the corruption capital: Ajay Devgn
Aug 30, 2013 Facts on Corruption
Aug 30, 2013 सुशील मोदी का नीतीश पर वार, कहा- यासीन भटकल को बिहार का दामाद घोषित कर सकती है जेडीयू
Aug 30, 2013 Vote bank politics over Bhatkal's arrest: "Samjawadi Party leader Kamaal Farooqi today kicked up a controversy over the arrest of Indian Mujahideen co-founder Yasin Bhatkal, asking whether it is based on the grounds of crime or religion."
Aug 30, 2013 Newsmaker of the Day: Kamal Farooqi: "SP leader Kamal Farooqi has raised questions over the arrest of Indian Mujahideen co-founder Yasin Bhatkal and asked whether he was arrested on the basis of religion."
Aug 29, 2013 Nepotism: The subtle form of corruption
Aug 29, 2013 Use mobile camera to shoot down the corrupt: Kiran Bedi: "“Today almost every government office is synonymous to corruption as the country doesn’t have stringent laws to punish them. All government offices should use cameras so that all corrupt practices within the premises can be recorded,”"
Aug 29, 2013 Cheating the hungry: Corruption in India's food scheme - By Adam Plowright
Aug 28, 2013 Daughter gang-raped, wife killed; man moves SC seeking protection: "A school-going 15-year-old girl was kidnapped and repeatedly gang-raped in a car by the sons of influential persons in village Chotikalasi in Haryana's Nilokheri tehsil on August 6 last year. The accused released her with a warning that if she did not return to them every 10 days, her parents would be killed."
Aug 28, 2013 'Robber' critical after Madhya Pradesh cops ram baton into rectum: ""police stripped Mayur and then rammed a baton inside his rectum after pouring petrol mixed with chilli powder". Mayur could barely walk or pass urine after the torture. When he began to sink, prison authorities shifted him to Satna district hospital. Fearing he would die, harried doctors there referred him to the hospital in Rewa, 65 km from Manjhgawa police station, Satna, where the torture took place."
Aug 28, 2013 Capital Shame: 26-day-old infant dies after 5 govt hospitals refuse admission citing scarcity of beds: "Sunil Singh went from pillar to post in at least five government hospitals including AIIMS, on the night Sonia Gandhi fell ill, but could not get admission for his ailing infant girl. The 26-day-old baby died the same day past midnight. All five government hospitals, including AIIMS, refused admission saying they had no bed for the infant."
Aug 28, 2013 Has the Centre given up on Rupee?: "On Wednesday morning (August 28), the Rupee breached the 68 mark but the question is not about the markets, the slump or the Rupee anymore. It is about you and me -- the middle class. Each day as the economy weakens, the impact trickles down to us and we bear the brunt. Between vote banks and cash banks, why should the middle class always pay the price for misgovernance, corruption and populism?"
Aug 28, 2013 Rajya Sabha passes bill allowing arrested people to fight elections: "aking a step towards negating a Supreme Court order, Rajya Sabha on Tuesday passed a bill to amend the Representation of People Act to allow a person in police custody to file nomination to fight an election."
Aug 28, 2013 Leadership deficit in India aggravating economic crisis: Ratan Tata: "Former chairman of Tata Group Ratan Tata on Tuesday said that the leadership deficit in India is aggravating our economic crisis. Tata broke his silence in an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN on the leadership deficit and economic crisis in the country."
Aug 28, 2013 Watching cartoons un-Islamic, says Deoband ...: "cartoon was a “picture” and watching the same, even if it was a comedy character, was against the tenets of Islam."
Aug 28, 2013 Why should not Zubin Mehta be allowed to perform?: "Separatists in Jammu and Kashmir have been opposing musical maestro Zubin Mehta's 'Ehasas-e-Kashmir' concert to be held on September 7 saying the timing is inappropriate as the region is under turmoil."
Aug 28, 2013 Watch: US student who faced sexual harassment in India on her ordeal: "Michaela Cross, the US students who faced repeated sexual harassment while on a study trip to India speaks to CNN-IBN about her ordeal."
Aug 27, 2013 SP MLA's sons bulldoze doctor's house in Rae Bareli: "The accused, accompanied by rifle toting musclemen with a bulldozer and an excavator (JCB) machine in tow, got the under-construction house razed to ground. As a swelling crowd of local residents watched, none dared intervene as the demolition continued for more than two hours."
Aug 26, 2013 'Boycott is the solution to end corruption': "“Boycott is the only way to eradicate corruption in the country. Don’t go to places where there is a corrupt officer addressing the crowd. Don’t invite such officers to your institutions just because they hold a position. Boycott them in all way possible,”"
Aug 26, 2013 Corruption begins at the highest level and goes down: Subramanian Swamy: "corruption which is spreading like virus in the country"
Aug 26, 2013 Digvijaya's brother allegedly threatens Madhya Pradesh IAS officer: "Congress leader Digvijaya Singh's brother on Monday allegedly threatened an IAS officer in Madhya Pradesh."
Aug 26, 2013  Rape, a COMMON thing in India?: "Rape in India has been described by Radha Kumar(famous author) as one of India's most common crimes against women and by the UN human-rights chief as a national problem."
Aug 25, 2013 Nexus of Corruption, Crime and Sexual Harassment: 'The Full Story You Need to Hear': "sexual harassment experienced by Michaela Cross, an American student at the University of Chicago, during her study abroad trip to India last year,"
Aug 25, 2013 Corruption has destroyed dignity of PM's post: Narendra Modi: ""If we all move ahead after being inspired by the Nav Nirman Andolan, we will automatically bring change and free our country from its present corrupt rulers,""
Aug 25, 2013 2 cops among six held for extortion: "The police has arrested six persons, including two of its own constables and a woman, for allegedly running a a sex and extortion racket in Rani Bagh area in the city."
Aug 25, 2013 Heartless Kolkata watches woman commit suicide: "A woman climbed on a lamp-post on Friday evening, took her time fashioning a noose from her dupatta, put it around her neck and jumped off. Heartless Kolkata passed by as she choked to death. It was 4pm, rush-hour on Central Avenue, and no one had the time to stop to save a life."
Aug 24, 2013 IOA set to ignore IOC directive to bar corruption-tainted officials: "It may put India’s return to the Olympic fold in jeopardy but the suspended IOA’s General Body Meeting here tomorrow is all set to ignore the IOC’s directive to bar chargesheeted officials from contesting elections through constitutional amendments."
Aug 24, 2013 Why do women feel unsafe?: "The constantly increasing rate of crime against women has raised serious concerns. Are the women of our country feeling safe when they step out of their house? To find answer to this question, TIMES NOW assesses situtation in major cities of the country."
Aug 24, 2013 'लोकल ट्रेन में जब भी सफ़र करती हूँ सहमी सी रहती हूँ': ""पुलिस वाले ने मुझसे कहा कि कृपया आप रेलवे स्टेशन से बाहर जाकर पुलिस स्टेशन में अपनी शिकायत दर्ज करें. उस दिन मुझे बहुत बुरा लगा, देश के क़ानून के ऊपर मेरा भरोसा टूट गया. एक वो दिन था और एक आज का दिन है. ट्रेन में जब भी सफ़र करती हूँ हमेशा डरी सहमी सी रहती हूँ.""
Aug 24, 2013 Jharkhand: Woman constable, on way to relative's cremation, gangraped by dacoits: "As per the FIR filed by her on Friday, she was gangraped by dacoits when she was going to Garhwa from Ranchi by a car in the wee hours"
Aug 24, 2013 Read: Mumbai gangrape survivor's statement to the police: "CNN-IBN has accessed the Mumbai gangrape survivor's statement to the police. The 23-year-old photojournalist was allegedly gangraped by five men on Thursday evening at Shakti Mill in Parel area of Central Mumbai."
Aug 24, 2013 Modi compares PM to rupee, says both have lost value: "Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has slammed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for the rupee crisis. 'Both the rupee and the country's Prime Minister have lost their value,' said Modi."
Aug 24, 2013 Leave travel concession scam: Delhi to Jaipur via Brazil: "Most of the SCI staffers under scrutiny are senior executives including a former chairman and a director who submitted forged or exaggerated tickets issued by two private travel agents based in Mumbai."

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